A comprehensive resource list on frequently requested topics. Click on the links below for more information.

Estate Planning

  • NC Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney
    • The North Carolina Bar Association published this pamphlet on Living Wills and Health Care Powers of Attorney.  The pamphlet explains the terminology and the basic purpose of both documents.  It is linked here in PDF format.
  • “No matter your net worth, it’s important to have a basic estate plan in place
    • This CNN Money article describes the purpose of a will and provides links to articles about other topics ranging from 401(k)s to trusts.
  • “Your heirs want this even more than your money”
    • Having a will isn’t always about determining who will inherit your money or your house.  Personal property items — your valuables, keepsakes, heirlooms — should be considered as well.  As this article points out, these items can matter more than financial assets.
  • Protecting your Assets
    • The North Carolina Bar Association published another pamphlet on how wills, trusts, and powers of attorney can be tools to protect your assets.  Check out this link for a PDF copy.  Interested in more of these pamphlets?  The NC Bar Association published several in the “This Is the Law” series, available on their website.


  • Gaston County Register of Deeds – Deed Search
    • Use the online deed search tool on the Gaston County Register of Deeds website to find recorded deeds for Gaston County properties.  You can also search for recorded powers of attorney, easements, deeds of trust, and other documents.
  • Gaston County Tax Information
    • The Gaston County Tax Office provides this public search tool to find tax records for real property in the county.
  • Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds – Deed Search
    • Recorded deeds, as well as certain other recorded legal documents, from Mecklenburg County are available on the county’s Register of Deeds website listed above.

Family Law

  • NC Child Support Guidelines and Calculator
    • Find the North Child Support Guidelines online at this link to the North Carolina Court System’s website.  There is also a link to a child support calculator at the NC Department of Health and Human Services site.  These links provide an overview of child support and basic calculations, and you should not use them as a substitute for legal advice.  Come in to talk to one of our attorneys about the issue of child support in your particular circumstances.
  • NC Child Custody and Child Support
    • If you have general questions about the meaning of child custody and child support in North Carolina, this pamplet published by the North Carolina Bar Association could help.
  • Separation and Divorce
    • The North Carolina Bar Association also published this pamplet on separation and divorce.  This introductory material should not be used in the place of advice from a practicing attorney.  Contact our firm to schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your situation.  Every family is different and needs individual attention.
  • Marriage in NC
    • For basic information about the laws relating to marriage in North Carolina, check out this publication by the North Carolina Bar Association.

Domestic Violence

Elder Law

  • “Four C’s” – Ethics attorneys must follow when helping your elderly loved one.
    • Being a supportive of an elderly family member can seem difficult if you feel excluded from the estate planning process.  This article sheds light on the ethical duties of an attorney who represents that loved one, and what role you can play.
  • Long Term Care
    • The Wake Forest School of Law has an excellent list of resources for elder law, North Carolina statutes and regulations, long term care insurance,nursing home issues, and other related matters.
  • NC Division of Aging – DHHS
    • The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Aging and Adult Services, handles oversight of the county social services providers for the elderly.  The government website provides additional resources, including counseling resources, reporting of abuse and neglect, family caregiver support, guardianship information, and elder housing locator.
  • NC Senior Health Insurance Information Program
    • Do you have questions about Medicare?  The NC Department of Insurance offers a program to counsel Medicare beneficiaries and caregivers about Medicare health care products.  The information is available online and through a toll free help line.

Traffic and Criminal

  • Gaston County Criminal Calendar
    • Do you have a pending speeding violation or a criminal charge in Gaston County?  Use the criminal calendar system to find your court date.  If you need legal advice about your ticket, call our office to speak with an attorney about your next steps.

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